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Scholastic Chess -- from 10:00 to 12:30 pm, Chess instruction and casual games.
Regular Club --------  from 12:00 to 4:00 pm
USCF Tournaments --Tournament every first Saturday of every month - G/55 delay 5 sec                  

FLORIDA TOURNAMENTS: Florida Chess Association, www.BocaChess.com , www.centralfloridachess.org                                                                 

SW Florida Chess Club
            Serving the SW Florida Chess Community
                                    Since 2009
                          The SW Florida Chess Club is an affiliate of the USCF and Florida Chess Association
Contact Greg Gordon email: swflchess@yahoo.com
Cell: 239-218-2116
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Upcoming 2018
  • 4th Gulf Coast New Years Open Jan 5,6,& 7
         Embassy Suites, Estero Fl.
        Tournament Flyer

  On Going Club Events:   USCF Rated First Saturday Swiss Every Month
                                       Format:   3 rounds; SS G/55; delay 5 sec.                                                            
                                    Sections:    Open  (under sections based on entries)
                                                        U1150 - Scholastic -- G/30; d5
                             Registration:   On site 9:15 to 9:40 sharp!
                                                       *Check in with the TD or you may not get paired
                                   Entry Fee:   FREE entry to all monthly USCF tournaments
                                                            ** Must have a current USCF ID
                           Estero Rec Center membership required --- $10 one-time fee, available on-site.

                                          > >Tournaments every 1st Saturday of every month!
                                                  Except !0-6-18 due to Gulf coast After Summer Open
  Tournament Flyer with details:  Tournament Flyer   
   Tournament Entry http://www.ChessRegister.com/events 

  • SWFCC March Swiss --------------------- 3/3/18
  • SWFCC April Swiss ----------------------- 4/7/18
  • SWFCC May Swiss ------------------------ 5/5/18
  • SWFCC June Swiss ----------------------  6/2/18
  • SWFCC July Swiss ------------------------- 7/7/18 -----Club Closed July 4th Holiday
  • SWFCC August Swiss --------------------- 8/4/18
Note: all SWFCC events, as well as many State events, can be found at www.chessregister.com/events.

1.) You can create an account and chessregister will remember your info, making future registrations                           quick and easy.

2.) After you register for an event you will be sent a confirmation email. Should your plans change there is a                Withdrawal link at the bottom of the confirmation email. Clicking this link will send a withdrawal email to
      the TD.  You can also text your name and withdraws to 239-218-2116, to withdraw from a SWFCC event.

3.) A list of advanced entries can be found by clicking on the player icon next to the event.
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